This garland was inspired by one I saw at Michaels back in July. It was one of those crafter moments of "Why buy it when I can spend $x to make it!?"

To complete this project you will need 

Once you have gathered all your supplies you will need The FREE SVG below. You will need to resize it in design space. All dimensions are included in the SVG. Be sure to hide them or to delete them before going to cut out your sunflower and circles. 

Now you will need to upload your sunflower SVG into your design software for your cutting machine. You will need to size your sunflower and circles to the correct sizing. The yellow flower portion should be 8.75 inches wide, you will not need to adjust the height. The circles need to be 2.3 inches around. 

Now you can determine how many flowers you want to fill your garland. I like to measure the space I am going to hang them and base it on that. 

Cut out your flowers and get the hot melt glue all warmed up. You will want to have some extra sticks of glue to be safe so you do not run out. You can add glitter or other embellishments to your flower centers. I chose glitter but you can add rhinestones, paint, or even draw on it with a sharpie

Now it is time to gather the sunflower. You will want to gather it in the center by gluing pieces of it down in a pinch style. you will want to pinch just at the bottom near the inner circle. Once you have gone all the way around your flower you can glue the front circle on to your flower. Do not glue the back on just yet! 


Get all of your sunflowers pinched and assembled with just the front circles on them. Now you will want to measure out your string or twine and space out the flowers to you liking along your string or twine.





Using the back circle you will place the string or twin centered across the back of your flower and glue the string down. Then glue along the inside edge of your flower and place down your back circle. This will help hold that string right where you want it. If you need to you can add additional glue to your back circle along the edge. 

Now your garland is complete! Please be sure to share your creations with me by posting them and tagging me! 

Sunflower Garland

Sunflower fall garland
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