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Hello! I’m Corinne Blackstone and I am so excited to share my passion for crafting with you!

I am a life-long resident of Northeast Ohio. I grew up crafting with my mom and that experience turned it into a joyful passion that has continued into adulthood.

When I’m not crafting or working my day job, I like to play with Legos, watch Disney movies and just spend time with my dog, five cats, two guinea pigs and the Best Husband Ever.

I got my first Cricut, an Explore Air 2, in late 2017. I was in love with the process from the very first project, but there’s a learning curve with any new skill. I turned to YouTube for advice, but I couldn’t find the kind of resources I really wanted to see. So, in January of 2018, I created the channel I was wishing for.

I hope to make your learning curve a bit less daunting. Here you will find some great resources, as well as SVGs! I can’t wait to get to know you all as my channel and website grow. And, most of all, I hope I can make your experience more fun!

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