We all know I love to find a deal and I love even more finding the deals and sharing them with you! This year is no different and we are seeing amazing deals already into the month of November. I will be adding deals throughout the month and letting you know about upcoming deals as well! READ MORE

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Engraving is not just for the Cricut Maker and Maker 3. Keep in mind however this does void your warranty with your Cricut Explore machine so make sure it is at least a year old. I have been engraving with mine for several years at this point and have not had any issues when it comes to damaging the machine but you do need to use an after market tool to do this. READ MORE

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lets talk about the important tools, and accessories you are going to need to get started on your cricut crafting journey. I will mark things that are specific for only one machine as some tools are only for a specific machine. READ MORE

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Free SVG and

Font websites

Find tested and approved websites to find amazing free SVGs, fonts, PNGs and more! These are all sites I have personally used with no issues and I love them! 


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What I wish I knew

Before I got a Cricut

I have been using my Cricut machines for 4 years and have tried all the current machines this includes the Explore air, The Explore Air 2, Explore Air 3, Maker, Joy and Maker 3. Plus the cup press and the easy press and Easy press 2... READ MORE

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Free writing fonts to use

with your Cricut

If you have ever tried writing with your Cricut you know that not all fonts work for this. Let me help you with this HUGE ever expanding list of free fonts that will write without the bubble letters on your Cricut machines! READ MORE


Cricut Terms You

Need To Know

Terms and definitions of a TON of terms used when crafting with your Cricut that you need to know! Everything from SVG to weeding, HTV to weld and many more important terms! READ MORE

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Create an offset

in Inkscape


You will begin by opening Inkscape on your computer.​
Begin clicking the A on the left hand side and click anywhere on your screen. Begin by typing in your text, you can use anything that you want to​​​
The font is likely going to be very small so you will want to make it larger to see it. Simply click the selection tool (the black arrow) at the top left of the screen and click on your text.