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SVG - Scalable Vector Graphic. A lot of people get very confused with this files type because they assume all SVGs are created equal and that is not true. An SVG is created with Nodes which create a cleaner sharper image. A lot of places use SVGs in place of JPG and PNG images for the crisper lines and images. Not all of these images are layered so if you are purchasing an SVG from etsy or other websites it is VERY important that you read the descriptions to be sure the items are layerable if that is what you are looking for. 


Iron on - Cricut's word for HTV. 


HTV - Heat Transfer Vinyl - Used on fabrics and other porous surfaces. Not recommended on hard surfaces. HTV can be found in a lot of types, colors and finishes. Each HTV will have its own settings for cut, time, temp and pressure as well as when to peel the carrier sheets. Its very important to follow the manufacturers recommended settings when working with HTV. Please keep in mind the Cricut heat guide is only for use with Cricut brand materials. 


JPG - This is a type of image usually containing a white background and not always the best quality. These images can be used but need to be cleaned up in design space. Meaning when you upload them to Cricut Design Space you will have to remove any areas you want the cricut to cut around. I have a video on how to do that here.


PNG - A typically higher quality image than a JPG These images are created with pixels which are little squares of color. These images can come with a white or transparent background and may still need cleaned up with Cricut Design Space like the JPG. PNG are used in sublimation as well due to the face that they can be higher quality images 


Weed - You will see this term used a lot in and what it means is to remove the excess material from your design leaving the design you desire behind. This can be done on many materials and it helps to have some tools to assist you in the process. When weeding it can help to have your image pulled up on your screen to see which parts you need to remove and which should be left. 


Slice - a function in design space to cut out parts of your design to remove them. This function can be confusing to people new to Design Space. It is important to remember that you can only use slice with two objects. Meaning if you are using words you will need to weld them (more on that in just a second). If you slice is not lit up on the screen it means you have too many or not enough layers selected. You can look to the layers panel on the right to see how many items and chosen. 


Weld - To combine items into one single layer. Weld is a great tool used especially with cursive writing but also when you want to combine shapes, images or you want to slice. I like to describe welding like taking two pieces of playdoh and smashing them together and mixing them all up. You can't separate the two blob of playdoh anymore. An important thing to note with weld is that once you save your project it cannot be undone. I recommend duplicating your project and leaving one unwelded off to the side in case you need to make changes at a later date. 


Contour - This is a very useful tool especially when making layered designs yourself within the Cricut Design Space Software. This is used to hide or show areas of your design here is a video that explains it and shows it much better than I can in words! 












Flatten - This function is used when making print then cut designs. It tells Design Space that the design is only one layer or piece and not to cut around everything on the design. There are a lot of things to learn about print then cut so HERE is a helpful video for that! 


Attach - This is used like tape. It holds items in place so that when you go to cut them or draw them or even print then they do not move on the screen. A lot of times you will see people ask why their design is all jumbled up after they hit make it and it is because Cricut Design Space tries to save space on your materials and so it takes everything and places it on the mat to save those materials. By using attach it will keep everything in the spacing and order it should be. This function is a life saver so don't forget to use it! 


Group - This function is only going to help you while designing once you hit make it it does not make a difference. What this does is holds everything together so that you can easily move things together on your canvas. You can ungroup and group at anytime. This is not a permanent function. 


Print then cut - Now I could go on and on about print then cut so I am going to link a few videos for you to check out below as well. But Print then cut or Print And Cut is taking an image in design space and sending it to an outside printer to make the design and then loading it into the Cricut to cut around the image. There are a lot of things you can do with print then cut but also a lot of pitfalls that can make it really difficult to master. But Don't worry these videos will help you because a print the cut MASTER! 

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