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If you want to use your cricut to write out anything you know it can be pretty limiting when it comes to the fonts they offer for writing.

For those that don't know a writing or drawing font is a font that writes in a single line or in this case with these free ones appears to write in a single line so it looks hand written and not traced. The fonts below all work however any font like this made too big will likely still have the outline. I tested all of these at 1 inch high and all worked well. 

To download one of these fonts just simply click the font you want and it will take you directly to the page to download the fonts. Id you need help installing fonts please see my
youtube video here on installing fonts for all users. This will allow you to use these fonts with all the programs on your computer. 

free writing fonts
always here.png
thin fine.png
baby lexi.png
slim extreme.png
fun things.png
the star in midnight.png
waif thin.png
daisy rea.png
indesign sig.png
made the artis.png
chalk boy.png
florish orchestral.png
typo longest.png
harriette sofriya.png
rose water.png
lyrics movement.png
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