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Cricut Larger Print Then Cut Sizes

Cricut in February 2023 has raised the size of Print then cut with both adding more size to the 8.5x11 sheets but also adding additional sizes we can print with. You can now use A3, A4, 8.5x11 8.5X14 and 11x17 sizes with print then cut. 


The new maximum sizes per Cricut are available in the printable document linked below and also in the video below. 

A3 - 10.64" X 15.44"

A4 - 7.2" X 10.62"

8.5X11 - 7.44" x 9.94"

8.5X14 - 7.44" X 12.94"

11X17 - 9.94" X 15.94"

These new sizes are not the only thing that has changed. We now have new registration marks that are only corner brackets. This is super exciting because we will be wasting less ink on print then cut projects without the large black box. 

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