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Layering Three Types of HTV

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Garment Decoration with

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May is Mental health awareness month and to celebrate (yes I know you are seeing this in June) I teamed up with Heat Transfer Warehouse and Bella+Canvas to create a project to bring awareness to this topic. 
In this blog I will show you how I created this layered design using Cricut Design Space and how I layered three different types of HTV. Crafting can be a great way to wind down, relax and get away from the world. 


We are going to begin in Cricut Design Space and use a really fun font called Retro Groovy from Creative Fabrica. If you do not have this font you can download it here and learn how easy it is to install fonts here. Once you have your font you can type in your text. We are going to use the quote "The world is a better place with you in it". I am going to break up the words so that they will fit better together. From here you will want to use the option at the top under advance called ungroup to lines. I want to make each line the same width. The size does not matter right now as we will resize the entire design once we have everything finished. So for this I recommend using a whole number like 6 inches wide. Once all your lines are the same size use the warp feature on each line. Using the number 11 warp style. Once all your lines are warped you can use align to get them all centered and then move them as you see fit. 













When you are happy with the way your design is layed out attach all the text. At the top of the screen use the offset option to add one offset. My first offset is set to .12 Then select the offset you just made and make another offset using the .12 size. You will cut each item in a different color to really make the text POP! 


I am using Siser Metal in red, Siser Sprakle in Silver and Walakut Express in Black. It is very important to check to see if the vinyl you are using can be layered as some cannot be. The siser metal is the only vinyl in this group that needs to only be a top layer. 


I cut each vinyl using my Cricut Maker with the Everyday Iron-On setting. You will want to do some test cuts before cutting out the entire design if you have never cut these products before as everyone's machines and blades are different and can greatly effect the outcome. 


Once your project is weeded and ready to go I always place it on my blank to make sure everything cut to the correct size and I know exactly the order I am going to be pressing the HTV in. With layering it is very important to start with the bottom most layer and work your way to the top. 


Because we are layering we are going to press the WalaKut and the Siser Sparkle for just about 3 seconds each to help prevent any shrinking during the layering process. Once those two layers are on we will do a full press when we apply the Siser Metal. With the Siser Metal you want to make sure to peel the carrier sheet cool or the HTV will have stuck to your design 


And now you have these awesome shorts with a reminder that days can be hard but you are here for a reason and even when it doesn't feel like it you are loved and valued. 


 I hope in the future mental health will be something that is spoke about openly and we will have more resources for those who need it. And mental health is not always things like depression, anxiety etc. It can be a hard time in your life that can effect you in ways you did not expect but being able to reach out for help is important and knowing where to ask for help. Here are a few resources I would like to share with you.

FOR IMMEDIATE HELP Call or text 988 or chat


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