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Screen Pritning for beginners! 

Have you ever wanted to try screen printing but it looks like a lot of work? Well I am sure to assure you it is well worth it! 


Screen printing can be really intimidating but don't let it be! Once you have your supplies you will want to find the design you want to make. As a beginner I suggest using an image or a phrase that does not have a lot of parts or very thin lines. 

You can then upload your design into Cricut Design Space and you will set it up a lot like you are cutting out just a regular vinyl decal with just a few minor changes. 

To make your vinyl perfect for your screen 

Weeding must be done so that you are removing the parts of the design you want the paint to go through. Make sure you do not remove the background (meaning the normal way you weed for a vinyl decal) 

Applying the vinyl to the screen is your next step. Place the transfer tape sticky side down on your table a couple time to make it just a bit less sticky. Then apply it to your vinyl. You will be placing your vinyl on the back of the screen which is the side that sits flat to the table. 

Make sure you burnish (press it down) really well to the screen and take your time removing the transfer tape. Once the tape is removed burnish again checking all the edges of your design for any lifting or bubbles. cover any exposed areas of the screen with painters tape.


When applying the screen print ink to the screen you will apply it along the top edge across the width of the screen. You will then use your squeegee to pull the ink down the screen using a medium to firm pressure. Make sure the screen does not move during this step. You will want to pull down a few times to be sure the image is fully covered. 

Once you have covered your image you will need to take all the extra Screen Print ink off the screen and place it back into the jar. Then you remove the screen by lifting straight up off the shirt. It is very important to wash your screen off before the ink dries on it. 

Leave your shirt to dry at least four hours and then you will need to heat set the Screen Print ink at a temp of 320 degrees for 40 seconds or you can use the cotton setting on your home iron if you do not own a heat press. 

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