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Warp Text with &
without Design Space 

If you have been wondering how to do the super trendy wavy text then look no further! You can do the warped text in a couple of ways. If you have Design Space access for $9.99 a month it is included in Cricut Design Space. 

However if you do not have that and do not want to pay for it be sure to scroll down. There is a really easy way to do it without Design space as well! 

With Cricut Design Space

You will need to be sure you are running at least Cricut Design Space 7.31.167 for the warp feature to be active. You can find the option at the top of the screen next to offset. 

You will enter your text and use any font you want. I will say this looks really good with the RETRO GROOVY font from Creative Fabrica. But feel free to use anything you like. You can add as many lines as you want to for your design. Keep in mind this only works with TEXT and not with an image. 







Once you have finished your text choose the WARP option at the top of design space. You will see you have a lot of options for the style of the text. Number 11 is the most popular but be sure to play with the others as you can make some really cool designs! 

Once you have chosen the warp style you want you are ready to cut, print, or whatever you want to do with the design. Super simple! 

Sequence 01.00_00_51_04.Still002.jpg
Sequence 01.00_03_18_23.Still004.jpg
Sequence 01.00_02_35_03.Still003.jpg

Without Design Space Access

If you do not have Design Space Access thats OK! We can still warp text it will just take a few extra steps. You can still design your text in Cricut Design Space but you will need to use the snipping tool to select the text from Design space and then go to and remove the background from your text. 

The way I do it which gives me a really quality PNG to work with is to use INKSCAPE. I promise this is one of the easiest things to do in Inkscape. You only have to type your text and use the line spacing option and then export as a PNG. This is a lot easier than a lot of people think it is. 

In Inkscape you will select the large A on the left side and click anywhere within your bounding box.




Type in your text and then at the top of the screen on the left is the font selection tool. You will use that drop down to select your font. You can then use the line spacing option at the top of the screen to adjust that (very similar to Design Space). Once you are happy with your text go to file and EXPORT PNG. It will open a box over to the right where you will name your design and choose its destination folder. Once you have done that simply click EXPORT PNG and you are done! 

Sequence 01.00_10_47_02.Still011.jpg
Sequence 01.00_10_23_10.Still010.jpg
Sequence 01.00_02_06_05.Still003.jpg
Sequence 01.00_09_01_21.Still008.jpg
Sequence 01.00_09_10_09.Still009.jpg

Create the Warp Text

Sequence 01.00_11_49_21.Still015.jpg

You will need to head to one more website in order to get the wavy or warped text effect for your design. Fontmeme has an awesome tool the wavy text generator This online tool is going to take your PNG and wave it Click on the upload an image box and choose either the background removed snip from Design Space or the PNG you saved from inkscape. It will upload the image to their database and then you can choose from their wavy effect options. you can adjust the effect as well. 

When you are happy with the results simply save the image. It will save as a PNG without the background. You will then go back to Cricut Design Space and upload your image. Since there is no background you will not need to remove anything just upload it and save it as a cut image. Add it to your canvas and from here you can cut it or you can use contour, or slice, to create multiple colors! 

Video Tutorials

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